Just another Dad.

Being a dad is no easy task (not that becoming a mother is easier… of course!). I guess (and hope…) I’m a good dad, enjoying every part of it and seeing your little one growing is an amazing experience…

But being a good dad is much more than that (I set my bar high), it’s about supporting your family, providing the platform for your wife and kids for the next 20+ years. Well as I said, that’s no easy task, it’s like being an iron dad.

I just turned 40 and my first daughter is currently 18 months old. Since she was born, I started to look for ways to contribute outside of my comfort zone and do something a bit different. 

I’m not a doctor, financial adviser or sales person, not an expert in any of these areas. I’m just another dad who discovered a few things about baby products, parenting, travelling, investments and some more, and want to share with the community out there.

Some people are a natural and know exactly what to do with their instinct, while some have no clue at all.

So, I’d like to share what I have learned so far as a dad and husband to those who are lost and may be learn a few things from other great dads out there.